UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Luin B. Switzer Drugstore on Harbor Road 1910

Friday, March 13, 2020

Luin B. Switzer Drugstore on Harbor Road 1910

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Drug Store, Harbor Road
Southport, Connecticut
Description: "Quarto Chrome" postcard. Published by L. B. Switzer, Southport, Conn. Made in Germany. Printed on front of postcard "Harbor Road, Southport, Conn." (Harbor Road and Main Street intersection). The picture is thought to have been taken around 1910. On the left is the Luin B. Switzer drugstore. Electric light had not yet been installed (done in 1913). There had been another store building to the west (right) of the drug store. It burned around 1903 and was taken down. These data have been used in establishing a tentative date. Beyond the drugstore is a park which belonged to the Perry family. Next, going west on Harbor Rd, is the BC&MMR (Bachelor's Comfort & Married Men's Relief) Club. The three white buildings beyond the club house are the Meeker onion warehouses which were at the foot of Westway Rd.
Date: c 1910
Format: photograph

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