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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Successful Study Skills 4 Students Proudly Introduces Homework Helpers

Successful Study Skills 4 Students Proudly Introduces Homework Helpers
Southport, CT, December 3, 2014 –Successful Study Skills 4 Students (S4) is pleased to announce the launch of Homework Helpers specifically designed to help parents and teachers with their students’ homework challenges. Parents and teachers are encouraged to post comments and questions on S4’s Facebook page,, which is designed to give real advice and tips from S4 teachers and parents who are fighting the same homework challenges.
Homework is a common struggle between many parents and their students. Many students feel overwhelmed by the amount of homework and time spent on homework.  When homework isn’t completed, teachers spend more time reviewing what should have been reinforced at home instead of teaching new material. Students are more likely to finish homework when they feel they have the support from both their parents and teachers. However, getting students motivated can be hard for many parents and teachers.  S4’s Homework Helpers offers a sharing community for parents and teachers alike.
Michelle Sagalyn, president of S4 said, “We are excited to launch Homework Helpers, as we know it will support many parents in their efforts to help their students’ with homework. Homework Helpers will be a forum for both parents and teachers to come together and support and make homework time less stressful. It is proven that students that do their homework have greater academic success.
To access S4’s Homework Helpers page, please visit:
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