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Thursday, September 4, 2014

S4 to host Weekend Study Skills Programs in Southport this Fall

S4 to Host New, Flexible-Schedule,
Weekend Study Skills Programs in Southport This Fall
Three S4 Study Skills Workshop Levels Offered

SOUTHPORT, Conn., (Sept. 4, 2014) – For the first time, Successful Study Skills 4 Students (S4) is hosting weekend sessions of its evidence-based study skills workshops in its Southport, Connecticut, facility. S4 Study Skills Workshops foster academic achievement by teaching students key study strategies that help them learn better and achieve greater academic success Swill provide two weekends of sessions for each of its course offerings: S4 Study Skills 100 for Middle School, S4 Study Skills 100 for High School, and the advanced-level S4 Study Skills 200.
The S4 Study Skills 100 for Middle School Workshops will take place the weekends of September 20-21 and October 18-19. S4 Study Skills 100 for High School Workshops will take place the weekends of September 27-28 and October 25-26. And S4 Study Skills 200 Workshops, aimed at students who have taken the 100-level workshop or are more advanced in their studies, will take place the weekends of October 11-12 and November 8-9. All the workshops will be held at the S4 facility on the third floor of 107 John Street in Southport.
Each 6-hour workshop is made up of a 3-hour A session and a 3-hour B session. A sessions are offered Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons; B sessions are offered Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. To complete a workshop, select one A session and one B session within that workshop. That way the workshop can be completed in one day, either Saturday or Sunday, or spread over two days. B sessions can be taken ahead of A sessions. All morning sessions are from 9 a.m. until noon; all afternoon sessions are from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.
All S4 Study Skills Weekend Workshops cost $295, with a 10% sibling discount, with each workshop limited to 10 students.  Each workshop includes all in-class materials, original S4 Teach Sheets for each skill taught, and an email to parents after each day’s session or sessions. Every S4 Workshop is taught by an experienced highly trained teacher.
“We are excited to offer these new S4 weekend workshops at our Southport facility,” said S4 president Michelle Sagalyn. “Whether students are looking to acquire basic skills in organization, time management and executive-functioning strategies, or simply looking to improve their overall academic experience, these tools will help them succeed. Implementing even a single new skill has been shown to boost students’ motivation and academic performance.”
The evidence-based S4 program is founded on proven educational research and designed to bolster school-related confidence and motivation as well as test and homework preparation as academic workload increases and course expectations rise. The focus of S4 workshops includes note-taking skills; active-learning strategies; understanding main ideas and important details; time management; organization; and preparation strategies for quizzes, tests and long-term projects.
You can register for an S4 Study Skills Weekend Workshop at
 More information may be obtained by calling S4 at 203-30-SKILL (203-307-5455) or by emailing

About S4
S4 partners with public, independent, charter and parochial schools to offer an accessible, logical and easy-to-implement study skills system. The program is specifically designed and customizable to dovetail with all school and student curricula. To date, about 2,000 students have participated in the S4 program to learn invaluable skills for better classroom engagement; increased focus; and better preparation for class, tests, and projects that results in increased confidence and more independent learning.

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