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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PHOTO/FOCUS/NOW New Masters of Contemporary Photography Nov.22nd-Dec.23rd

New Masters of Contemporary Photography
Friday, November 22-December 23, 2013.
PHOTO/FOCUS /NOW is a dazzling and provocative survey of contemporary trends in creative photography, focusing on the transformation of still images from the mechanical to an esteemed art form.  In its first large-scale photography exhibition, Southport galleries will showcase eight photographers who explore, capture and expand our minds with their real and imagined worlds.  
Southport Galleries welcomes nationally esteemed photographers, Stephen Wilkes and Charles Ruger and Torrance York, the Winner of the Fairfield Museum and History Center’s IMAGES competition.  Southport Galleries favorites, Miggs Burroughs and David Land will be joined by Matthew Carden of San Francisco and local, serious amateurs, Andrew Smith and Arpad Krizen.
STEPHEN WILKES is recognized as one of America’s most creative photographers as a contributor to National Geographic, Vanity Fair and Time.  Southport Galleries will display a sampling of his unique portfolio of urban scenes, “Day to Night” which have already achieved critical acclaim and popular success.
CHARLES RUGER presents haunting images  which play on undercurrents of duality and ambiguity in images of New York fashionistas and film noir characters.
TORRANCE YORK will debut her “Traces” series focusing on brief instances of childhood moments of exploration, growth and transition –experiences distilled into single images that are unpacked by the viewer’s own frame of reference.  “I have always been fascinated by the innocence and wisdom of childhood and by photographing children in these moments, I learn through their experience and my own,” explains York.
MATTHEW CARDEN is among the hottest new talents from the West Coast. His Lilliputian worlds with take the viewer on  “super fresh” edible adventures—skiing along string bean trails and motorcycling on gigantic broccoli stalks
MIGGS BURROUGHS, lenticular treatment of local landmarks make us blink twice and DAVID LAND offers technically crafted and surprising images superimposed with layers of textures, shapes, and messages on familiar forms.   
             SOUTHPORT GALLERIES is located in the heart of historic Southport Village, 330 Pequot Avenue, Southport, CT 06890 (203)292-6124.  For information: or

Image courtesy of the photographer. 

Image courtesy of the photographer.

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