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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Town's birthday celebration: Paint fire hydrants red

To celebrate Fairfield’s 375th birthday, Jeanne Harrison with help from many of the Town’s children, will paint 30 to 50 of the Town’s fire hydrants to make them look like Revolutionary War-era soldiers. Painted fire hydrants were a big hit 25 years ago, when Fairfield celebrated its 350th, so the committee that’s deciding these events, gave her their blessing. However, the hydrants won’t wear the blue coats of Continental soldiers, but will all be British Redcoats. “Wait a minute. Redcoats?” asked Harrison when she and former First Selectman John Sullivan discussed the painting of fire hydrants the first time around. Harrison thought maybe it was because red was easier to see. “It’s because the Redcoats burned Fairfield,” said Sullivan. Harrison wasn’t so convinced, but then she said, “Well, considering what dogs do to fire hydrants, I guess it’s okay.” Children from Wakeman Boys and Girls Club will help Harrison this summer and she hopes to be finished by fall. She left phone messages for the leaders of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, but hasn’t heard back yet. While 300 hydrants got painted the first time around, the 81-years-young Harrison is slightly less ambitious this time. Hydrants will be painted in three main areas: along the Memorial Day Parade route, which is Post Road and Old Post Road; along the Dogwood Trail, and in Southport because that’s also an Historic District. If time allows, she hopes to paint a few at some shopping areas, at schools and the beach. READ MORE:

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