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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Open Letter to Elected Representatives of Fairfield Connecticut

To all of our Elected Representatives:

We urge the Town to restore the funding for the Pequot Library. The budgeting process is always difficult but it is shortsighted to remove the funds allocated for the library. Since the Pequot Library is able to raise some of its operating funds... from the community, the cost to the town is relatively small; much less that the cost of running our other two libraries. And, of course, the Pequot Library is a treasure combining the functions of a circulating library with the resources of a research and preservation institution in an historic and architecturally significant building. Combined with Fairfield’s other unique visual and historic features, the presence of Pequot Library adds to the market value of each of our individual homes.

It is also a mistake to foster, however unintended, an attitude of “us against them” within Fairfield. Over the years, Fairfield has been a singularly unified and cooperative community with residents from each section of the town coming together to build and maintain our government and our institutions. The latest tax re-valuations have strained that spirit of togetherness and it would be wrong to add the defunding of the Pequot Library as an additional disrupting factor. 

Laura & Packer Wilbur

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