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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Letter: Elimination of Town Funding to Pequot Library was 'Ill-Advised'

From 4/4/13

Dear Editor:

During our budget discussions this year, many have introduced comparison to the budgets, amenities, and demographics of neighboring towns.

While such comparisons are relevant and useful, we need to remember that Fairfield is not its neighbors. We have our own unique mix of cultures, our distinctive neighborhoods, our historic buildings, our economic and social diversity. We who live here did not move to Westport or Simsbury or Meriden – some of the towns with which we have recently been compared.

Part of our distinction is our mix of old and new facilities -- and the Pequot Library is a vital part of that mix.

I regret the decision by our Board of Finance to completely eliminate our town’s annual contribution to the Pequot Library, which helped sustain a building and a service to our entire town.

In my five years considering budgets, I can only recall two other instances of completely eliminating a budget -- once for an entity that no longer existed, the Fairfield Arts Centre, and once for the Open Space program, equally regrettable.

Had the Board reduced the contribution, as it reduced other significant budgets, I might have supported the move. But to eliminate entirely our support for a service worth many times our contribution, with its programs for children, its musical offerings, its historic collections, its seemless integration with our town library system, not to mention its historic building, I think was ill-advised, and may do harm far greater than its movers foresaw or intended.

I sincerely hope any means to restore some or all support will be considered.

Ann Stamler

RTM, D-5


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