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Thursday, April 25, 2013

HELP US SAVE King's Kitchen of Southport Beach!

We have 15-20 days until our building will be removed from southport beach! please help us asap!!
HELP US SAVE!!! King's Kitchen of Southport Beach!
Our Farm to Table Beach Shack!

It is very important that we save historic landmarks. Our concession stand/Beach club cafe King's Kitchen is one historic landmark built back in the 1950's.... We recently formed our new company last summer and was wondering if you could help our cause. We ourselves are having many troubles with saving our building after Hurricane Sandy!

We opened up the Concession stand last year and created a large following for Farm to Table Beach goers. We pride ourselves with local/organic ingredients that I bought from three farmers markets per week last summer for over three months.

We have recently been told by the town of Fairfield that our building will not be able to serve the public of Fairfield and Southport due to the new building codes put in place after Hurricane Sandy. The storm wave surge floated our building over Pequot Avenue and almost went into the Sasco Creek, if it wasn't saved by the guard rail. We have checked out our building and the interior is perfect and ready to rock n roll this summer. We invested $30,000 into the beach club cafe last summer in our first year of service before we even opened. We hoped to make our money back by this summer but with new codes set in place by Fairfield coastal engineers, zoning, and the building department we look to be at a loss. The director of Parks and Recreation said that he tried to find away to help us any way he could but after the town assessed the new building codes our structure needs $35,000-45,000 worth of work to retro fit the old shack. We are at a loss for words and are truly devastated for this predicament. Our building looks great, it was renovated on the interior and built like a tank last year. The reason it only floated down the road instead of being flooded was because of our renovation design. We are looking into fundraising. We want to serve the towns beach fare more then ever and we need you help!!!

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