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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fairfielders will suffer the loss of many Children's Programs if PequotLibrary closes

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Children's Library

Miss Susan, the Children's Librarian, is a part of many families of this town and is a vital part of
early childhood development through the teen years at Pequot Library.

Her passion is irreplacable and is a gift to our town.

If closed, many children and young adults that she inspires to learn to read will be affected.
The families affected come from all over Fairfield.
The amount of money that the town of Fairfield funds Pequot Library, is over 6 times LESS annually than
the Fairfield Woods Branch Library, while providing an unmatched full calendar of events that benefits all age groups.
These events include concerts, fine arts, book shows, readings, art shows, community meetings, book sales, and so much more. No other library in the area can compare to the unique offerings of Pequot Library.

I always will want the miniscule portion of my taxes to support this incredible asset to the Town of Fairfield that has been here throughout the years serving countless people young and not so young.

The Board of Directors past and present along with its past staff and directors, the countless faithful volunteers and donors since it opened in 1889 should all be recognized for delivering an incredible and invaluable service to the town.

As a town we should all be grateful and appreciative that we are only so fortunate to have this very library in OUR town. Closing it would only do a disservice and demoralize our community.
Does Fairfield want to be known for closing a productive library?

The building and grounds are maintained at no cost to the town, and is historical to Fairfield's Southport Village, but the service, continues to be legendary, to ALL.

Who else, is known for and holds the title The Best Book Sale in New England? Our local economy in Fairfield and Southport rely on that big week every year.

Please do not close Pequot Library, it continues to serve so many who become its lifelong friend.

Visit and
every day for news, updates, events, and ways you can help prevent this piece of Americana from closing.

Follow Pequot Library on twitter @PequotLibrary and on facebook.

Contact your town officials and let them know you do not want the library to close.

-Eric Sundman
--Parent, taxpayer, reader, and PLA supporter, against the closing of Pequot Library
--Town of Fairfield Representative Town Meeting Representative of District 1
--Chairman, RTM Public Works & Planning Committee
--Board Member, Southport Conservancy

photo: Eric Sundman

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