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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upcoming Wine Tastings at Harry's

Wed, March 13 and March 20
The Wines of Spain and Portugal
Spanish wines are an intriguing mixture of old and new - winemakers are combining traditional grape varieties like Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Carinena with ‘international’ grape varieties to produce stunning new wines. Spanish wines are considered to be some of the best wine values on the market. To the west, Portugal is producing more and more dry dinner wines of top quality. No longer known “just” for their great Port dessert wines, Portuguese wines are rapidly becoming a favorite of many wine lovers.$70 both weeks.
Wed, Apr 3 and Apr 10
The Basic Blind Tasting
In order to become a more skilled and experienced wine taster, it is essential to concentrate on each wine as you taste it.There is almost no better way to force this concentration than in a blind tasting format. Each week we will taste all wines of the same grape, each from a different country. The bottles will be in brown bags so you will not have any preconceptions! It is your goal to discern and learn more about the different styles and flavors of each wine. Oh, and a slight twist - one wine each session will be a different varietal, i.e, A Ringer, than the main grape of the night. . .see if you can pick it out! $60 both weeks.

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