UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Fairfield's Wafu Asian Bistro serves classic dishes with style

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fairfield's Wafu Asian Bistro serves classic dishes with style

Ho hum. Another new Asian restaurant has popped up along Route 1. It's near a little strip mall in a freestanding whitewashed building that we remember last as a Friendly's. Ho hum. That is until the double doors open from the outside into the dining room.
It's like walking into an dreamy ice palace. The place is brilliant white and sparkling all over from the snowy banquettes tufted with the same Swarovski crystals that dangle from the ceiling chandeliers like glittering icicles.
It's contrasted with gleaming dark tables, with shimmering white damask runners and ice-blue backlit sushi and cocktail bars. And if this isn't high-tech enough, the menu is presented on an I-Pad. OK, we are already pretty impressed.
Then the service starts. There seems to be wait staff for every single table. Throughout the meal, every detail is attended to and clearly the management is interested in each guest's well being. With well-spaced banquettes separated from freestanding tables by a "shower" of dangling crystals, each party can truly feel like Ice King and Queen royalty. READ MORE:

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