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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Exide to present plans for Mill River clean-up Jan. 10th

Exide will present plans for cleaning the Mill River, Thursday, Jan. 10 in the lecture room of Fairfield Ludlowe High School. What will not be part of Exide’s plans is cleaning a sewer pipe that could still be leaking lead into the river, or could do so in the future, according to Fairfield Conservation Director Thomas Steinke.
The pipe, located on the northern edge of the 2190 Post Road Exide property, along the south side of the railroad, has been the subject of correspondence between CT DEEP and Steinke for much of the last year.
“The information I sent up was apples, and the answer was predicated on oranges,” said Steinke, when the Minuteman talked to him by phone last week.
“To me, it’s critical that that pipe be inspected and critical that it be done before they (Exide) leave town,” said Steinke. “It doesn’t have to be done, today, tomorrow, next month, but at some point,” he said, adding that it should be done before that section of the river is cleaned.“The highest levels of lead are where that discharge pipe comes out,” Conservation Administrator Annette Jacobson told a Monday night meeting of representatives of the Conservation Commission, Harbor Management Commission and Shellfish Commission, convened to discuss the coming meeting that the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) has said was informational and open to the public.
Steinke said that contractors hired by Exide stuck a camera into the first thirty feet of the approximately 1,000 foot long pipe and the camera got stuck, so they didn’t go any further. As a result, they described their efforts as “inconclusive,” he said.
“Apparently, they didn’t clean the pipe before inserting the camera. That’s the normal procedure,” he added.
Trenches eight and a half feet deep were dug along part of the pipe and these showed that there were no connections to the factory site, Steinke said, adding that other trenches were dug even further along. However, he noted that if you add up all these trenches, it’s still only 48 percent of the pipe’s length on Exide’s property.
“To me, to start remediation of a river when you’ve not identified potential source,” said the Conservation Director, clearly indicating that he did not think it was a good idea. READ MORE:

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