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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pequot Library's Robert Frost Exhibit extended to Jan.23rd

due to the popularity of pequot LIBRARY’S ROBERT frost original holiday chapbooks exhibit
it is extended to january 23, 2013
12/18/12 Southport, CT – Due to its popularity, Good Wishes from Robert Frost, an exhibition of Robert Frost’s chapbooks (used as holiday cards) is extended until January 23, 2013. 
Exhibit guest curator Pamela Hovland, Yale University School of Art senior critic in graphic design, says:
“This event is yet another example of why libraries are so important; by offering up some morsel –
a book, a lecture, a program, an exhibition – we soon find ourselves at a feast. When we allow ourselves
to get involved with a subject – whatever it may be – we often find overlaps with our other interests
and life experiences. Knowing one thing makes knowing something else possible and old knowledge
leads to the discovery of new knowledge. ‘Knowledge begets knowledge’ is the familiar quotation and
that has once again happened for me with these materials. I hope it happens for you as well.
Let me first discuss what these objects are and why they are worthy of our attention.”
“This is a collection of poetry chapbooks used as Christmas greetings – a set of 19 loaned to the Library
by Elinor Wilber, granddaughter of the celebrated American poet Robert Frost. Several have a personal
inscription from Frost to Elinor and her husband.”
What is a chapbook? It is essentially a pocket-sized booklet. The term “chap-book” was formalized by
bibliophiles of the 19th century. English “chapmen” were a variety of peddler who circulated printed
literature as part of their wares; they set up the equivalent of a modern day pop-up store and their
chapbooks were an important medium for the dissemination of popular culture to the common people,
especially in rural areas. This format was frequently used for political and religious tracts, folk tales,
children’s literature, almanacs and... poetry! Good Wishes from Robert Frost: Twenty-five Years of Christmas Cards portrays an unusually creative collaboration between poet and printer.
For twenty-five years, poet Robert Frost collaborated with the Spiral Press and several artists/illustrators to create unique Christmas cards to be sent by the Frost family and by Frost's publishers. The artists involved include Thomas W. Nason, J.J. Lankes, Fritz Eichenberg, Philip Grushkin, Howard Norton Cook, Leo Manso, Linn Lloyd Benton, Stefan Martin, Antonio Frasconi and Joseph Low. The Spiral Press was founded by Joseph Blumenthal in 1926. He and Frost became friends during their collaboration on the cards.
These very special (chapbooks) cards have been graciously loaned to the Library by Elinor Wilber, Robert Frost's granddaughter. Comments during the reception, on design by guest curator, Pamela Hovland, Senior Critic in Graphic Design, Yale University will be followed by remarks on Robert Frost by his granddaughter, Dr. Lesley Lee Francis, author and educator.
Thanks to Pamela Hovland and Rachel Needle who created a video of the cards and curated the exhibit, and also to Cynthia Crawford who organized the exhibit.
Pequot Library video of chapbooks in the exhibit:
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