UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Hospital bed in Southport woods a film prop?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hospital bed in Southport woods a film prop?

A hospital bed found amid woods on Wakeman Lane led to a call to the police last weekend, but the bed -- equipped with saline bags and intravenous tubing -- may have been part of some sort of movie shoot.
A Wakeman Lane resident called police Sunday to tell them her son, while walking the family dog in the town-owned open space area, discovered the bed, which he said looked brand new. The woman met police and showed them the bed, which was about 200 feet into the woods. A placard on the bed said it was an electric bed from a medical supply company in Ansonia.
Officers knocked on the door of the house adjacent to the open space, but got no answers. They also checked with a nearby nursing home, where officials said the bed did not belong to them.

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