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Monday, November 5, 2012

Fairfield Hurricane UPDATE from State Rep. Brenda Kupchick

Beach Area Info:
Info Center / Beach Passes / Relief Station:

Starting today and continuing at least through Friday, November 9th, an Information Center will be operating out of Veteran’s Park on Reef Rd.

The center will be manned daily from 8:00am – 5:00pm and will provide the following:

Warming Station

A large inflatable, and HEATED tent with tables and chairs will be available to beach res
idents who need a break from cleaning out their homes and would like to warm up a bit. Water will be available, and the park restrooms have been unlocked.

For the kids: We are also in the process of checking the park/play equipment at Veteran's Park for hazards. Once that is complete, parents will have the park available to their children as they continue to clean their homes.

Beach Access / Passes

Residents will ALWAYS be allowed past the check points with proper ID. Likewise residents will ALWAYS be allowed to accompany individuals, such as contractors, through the check points. No pass is required to do so.

For residents who understandably want smoother access, we have initiated a pass system for them. They may also "sponsor" people they authorize to access their property.

To obtain a pass, or to sponsor someone, residents simply accompany their contractors, cleaning crews, adjusters, etc to the Fairfield Police Mobile Command Post, which is located at Veteran’s Park. Once identifications are verified, passes will be issued. Passes are available to all beach area residents and people they authorize.

Passes are available 8:00am – 5:00pm. There are no fees for the passes.

Passes will not be issued to contractors/professionals to wander about the area. They must have a beach resident/owner sponsor.

Passes should be displayed in the dashboard of your vehicle(s). Drivers are still required to stop at checkpoints until acknowledged and waved through.

The pass system is now several hours old and seems to be running smoothly after some coordination “bumps” between officers, guardsmen, residents, and contractors. We apologize for some of the initial confusion in the first few hours, but believe the pass system will allow for a smoother flow of traffic. Remember our ultimate goal is to provide you, the beach residents, with security and as much privacy as possible as you are forced to sort through your personal effects. Hopefully our system supports those goals, if there are shortcomings, or problems, beach residents are invited to email me at .

FEMA and Salvation Army

On Tuesday, November 6th, a FEMA vehicle along with a Salvation Army canteen are expected at Veteran’s Park, also from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

FEMA information and/or FEMA representatives will be available to answer assistance related questions.

The Salvation Army canteen will be available to provide residents with hot beverages and snacks.

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