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Monday, November 5, 2012

Despite Sandy's inundation, Trinity Church's faith unshaken

Parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church in Southport are probably grateful there are only three elements mentioned in the Bible. Since the congregation's founding in 1725, all three elements have damaged successive houses of worship.
"We have been visited by the three biblical elements -- fire, wind and water," said John Morgan, senior warden of the church.
In 1779, during the Revolutionary War, British General William Tryon torched Trinity's second home in Fairfield Village. Its iconic third home, a Carpenter-Gothic structure that was built 150 years ago at the corner of Pequot Road and Center Street was destroyed by a tornado in 1862 when the steeple toppled onto the sanctuary.
And last week, Hurricane Sandy inundated the building's educational wing with more than four feet of tidal waters. The structure houses Trinity's offices, library and nursery school, and the damage has dislodged computers, toys and books; destroyed murals, and displaced the church's ministry programs including 12-step meetings, Sunday school, book group, bible studies, music for children, young women's fellowship and sea scouts.
Until further notice, except for worship in the sanctuary, all meetings, programs and activities in the building are suspended or relocated, church leaders said Monday.
Even the worship services may also be interrupted, said the Rev. Nicholas T. Porter, the Trinity Church rector. Noticing a crack on a column during a walk-through Monday, a week after the storm, Porter decided that a structural engineer should be called in to examine the spire.
"In an odd way it's history repeating itself 150 years later," Porter said. He discovered the flooding, the first in the church's history, last Tuesday when he went to the daily chapel to conduct the typical morning service.
"It smelled like the Boston Aquarium and I knew water had gotten through. It was everywhere. READ MORE:

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