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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CodeRed message on Tuesday, Nov.6th, at 10 am


The US Postal service will resume normal mail delivery on Wednesday to all areas south of Edward Street. Contact the Postal Service if you still want your mail held.

In preparation of Wednesday’s Nor’easter, we advise residents to secure their homes, if it sustained damage. We anticipate that it will affect our area on Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon....

Sustained winds are expected from 20 to 40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. We expect some possible flooding. Please prepare for flooding in areas not previously prone to flooding due to the beach erosion and change in topography.

Check points will remain in effect south of Edward Street until Saturday. Resident and Contractor passes are being issued at Veterans Park for access to the flooded beach areas. We are asking all contractors to have one of these passes.

If your electric meter has been deactivated, please get an electrician to inspect and repair your system. Once completed, have the electrician call our Building Department to confirm at 203-256-3036.

At Veterans Park on Reef Road FEMA is assisting residents in filing claims, until 5 pm today. The Fire personnel are distributing MRE'S.

Thank you and stay safe.

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