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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The BIG APPLE in Southport Harbor

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"The BIG APPLE was bought by my Father about 1938 and mostly anchored by the bridge at the then Tide Mill. He and my Mother and myself, spent many hours fishing and clamming with it, My Mother being brought up as a Farmer in New Jersey was quite thrilled when catching fish, trolling or bottom fishing as was myself. In 1945 when his stepson, (Herbert Elmer Ellsworth Bowman) returned from Italy, my Father gave him the boat. My Brother as I always called him, kept the boat anchored off the Green next to the Pequot Yacht Club where the picture was taken by me. My Brother gave me permission to use it, and I think I got more use out of it than he did." -John H. Bayes  
Photograph property and courtesy of John H. Bayes Collection                                                      

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