UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: 6PM CODE RED MESSAGE

Monday, October 29, 2012


10/29/2012 6:04:44 PM EST - CodeRed message October 29, 2012 at 6 pm
This is an announcement from Michael Tetreau, First Selectman, Town of Fairfield, and the Emergency Management Team regarding storm updates as of 6:00 PM, today.
Our town is experiencing very dangerous situations, the wind speeds have dramatically increased. It has also changed direction, pushing the water toward shore and we anticipate much more extensive flooding at the next high tide between 11:00 and 12 midnight.
The increase in wind speed is now causing dangers in other parts of Town, many trees have already fallen blocking roads and knocking out power. We are asking everyone to stay off the roads and to stay inside. Please stay away from all power lines. It is important to remember that the ground is wet and water conducts electricity. By walking anywhere near the lines, you can be putting yourself at risk of electrocution.
Again, due to the high winds, work crews will not be able to start clean up until much later tonight or possibly tomorrow.
It is a very dangerous time in our Town now, please stay inside.
As always if there is a life threatening emergency please call 911 and our emergency personnel will do their best to help.
Stay safe and hope the storm passes quickly.

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