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Monday, September 24, 2012

Southport Author Makes Debut with Three New Books

Susan Hood, who began her career as an editor for various children's publications, has made the transition to published writer this year with the publication of three children's picture books.
When Susan Hood first made her debut in publishing, she had no money, no place to live, and no clothes -- she knew she loved the industry and that's what mattered.
A recent graduate of Smith College, Hood interviewed for a position with Scholastic in New York City on a Wednesday -- and she started the following Monday.
The rest would work itself out.
Now Hood, a longtime Southport resident, is about to celebrate the Sept. 25 publication of her third children's picture book, "Spike, the Mixed-Up Monster." Her two other books, "Just Say Boo!" and "The Tooth Mouse" were published in July and August, respectively.

From Editor to Author

Always an avid reader, Hood said she was the youngest library cardholder in Greenwich when she was growing up. A tour of publishing houses during college reeled her in, and her career took Hood through several major names in children's publishing.
First she was en editor for Scholastic's Instructor Magazine for early childhood editors, then she helped found a children's book division at Fisher Price. Her time at Fisher Price was followed by years of freelance work before becoming the children's content director at Nick Jr. Magazine.
After working for Nick Jr. Magazine for about 10 years, Hood and the rest of the staff were laid off.
But Hood had a drawer full of half-written picture books -- and after years of reading "literally thousands of books," she thought she it was time to launch her own writing career.
"It was the kick start I needed to finish [the books]," Hood said.
In the summer of 2009, Hood finished the manuscript for "Spike, the Mixed-Up Monster" and sent it to a contact she had made during her career as an editor.
"I was terrified," she recalled, but soon everything fell into place. Kids Can Press bought her manuscript for "The Tooth Mouse," and she got a literary agent -- "which made all the difference," Hood said.
Her works were each paired with an illustrator -- two of the artists are major award winners -- and now they're garnering attention in the children's book industry. READ MORE:

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