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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pequot director turning page on eve of summer book sale

The 44th annual Pequot Library Summer Book Sale was only weeks away when Dan Snydacker first arrived at the historic Southport library in June 2004 to assume the role of executive director.Snydacker wasn't scared off by the chaos and workload of the library's major fundraiser, which features about 150,000 books, LPs, CDs, DVDs and audio books. He embraced it and this month he will close his chapter as executive director with the library's 52nd annual Summer Book Sale -- his ninth at the library helm -- which opens Friday and concludes Tuesday.
"The first thing I did when I first came to the Pequot Library was experience the book sale, and it's a huge undertaking," Snydacker said of the event, one of the largest in New England. "There are so many details that have to be taken care of ... and it overwhelmed me. I wasn't prepared for it. I thought, `Oh my God. What have I gotten myself in for?' "
Snydacker, who announced in June he will step down from his current role, however, plans to continue to work with the library as a part-time curator of its special collections.
He might even volunteer to help with future book sales, he said.
"Now, in 2012, this thing in my mind has changed from something that I dread to something that I really love and look forward to. The workload is still hard, but I see the bigger picture, and I see how it's one of those things that makes community," Snydacker said.
He has also come to recognize the magic of the book sale, which often serendipitously brings together people and books. READ THE ENTIRE STORY:

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