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Saturday, July 7, 2012

New One-Design Class Flourishes at Pequot - WindCheck Magazine

From the July 2012 WindCheck Magazine..get your copy today!
-Betsy Hulme and E. Packer Wilbur
A few years ago some serious sailors at the Pequot Yacht Club in Southport, CT banded together to start a new one-design class: The Independence – a wonderful and fun remote controlled model yacht which is now raced regularly off the Junior Float and neighbors’ docks. The fleet took shape back in the winter of 2008 when a small group of club members met on the weekends to build these fast and competitive boats.
Members of all ages enjoy driving the radio-controlled yachts,
and spectators are welcome to try their hand at the controls between races.
© Betsy Hulme
The Independence Yacht, designed by Eric Schade in 2000, is a very strict one-design class with the intention that all boats be roughly equal in speed and in pointing ability across all wind and water conditions. The Class Rules state that “unless the rules specifically state that something is permitted it shall be assumed to be prohibited.”
The boat is 47.5 inches long, 11.5 inches wide and about 15 pounds in weight with keel and all rigging and sails. The hull is constructed of 1/8-inch plywood with a wooden keel blade and a lead bulb. Masts are spruce or fir, unstayed, and measure about 60 inches from the deck. Sail area is approximately 1,050 square inches. The boat is easily disassembled for travel and storage and is very sturdy compared with most model yachts, making it ideal for the stresses and occasional collisions of active class racing. The Independence sails very well in a variety of wind and water conditions and does not submarine when sailing downwind in a stiff breeze.

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