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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eat Like Kings at Southport Beach

The latest addition to the Southport shore, King's Kitchen, offers an organic twist to usual beach fare.
What's the recipe for a successful beachfront eatery?
If King's Kitchen at Southport Beach is any indicator, it takes a combination of passion for organic, locally grown ingredients, determination to flourish, and a dash of camaraderie between brothers.
"It's all about beach food," Carter King, who opened King's Kitchen in June with his older brother, Hunter, said. "We're bringing something to the area that was a void before."
But it wasn't as quite as easy as simply filling a void.
"People didn't think we could do it -- no one has succeeded here before," he said of taking what was once a shack on Southport's shoreline and remodeling it into a workable kitchen and service stand.
"I can't believe we did it. It's been a real learning curve, a really cool process."
Now the shack, painted a blue with turquoise and orange trim and lined with lobster lights, is a beacon for beachgoers and foodies alike.
The King brothers -- who call themselves "We Three Kings" when third brother Parker is included -- grew up in Westport and frequented the Westport Farmers Market.
"It's the best place to get local, organic food," Hunter King said. "The idea was, why not cook all the food we get at the Westport Farmers Market?"
They started out cooking in the back of the farmers market before decided to look for a more "substantial spot to sell organic produce, and give back to the community and small businesses," the older King said. READ MORE:

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