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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Queen

In the heart of Southport’s historic district, among the distinguished homes built for affluent trade merchants, ship captains and captains of industry, an architectural treasure reigns on the crest of Center Street. Built in 1882 for Judge John Hoyt Perry, the home presents a visual feast of gables, turrets, and bay windows complemented by a medley of colors and textures. One of the region’s finest examples of Queen Anne architecture, the home was updated and restored by the architectural firm David Scott Parker of Southport. Restoration work included replacing some windows; adding decorative details, such as the cresting finials; and replicating the original gabled verandah entry. Trellises and “follies” were added to enhance the look of a Victorian garden. The most dramatic interior change is the creation of a two-story library inside a turret. The interior blends elaborate molding, dark wood, colorful wall coverings with hand-stenciled and embossed designs, and intricate floor and ceiling motifs. High ceilings, generous windows and multiple bays add light. READ MORE:

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