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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Midsummer celebration at Scandinavian Club

Strawberries, salmon, sausage and swirling around a maypole.Mix them together and it all made for the Scandinavian Club's convivial Midsummer celebration on Saturday.
While open to the general public, the event was attended primarily by families of Scandinavian heritage, several of whom arrived in traditional garb that included wreaths on their heads.
"Right now in Scandinavia, everyone is celebrating the longest day of the year," said Eric Sundman, an event organizer and club member. "The tradition is to decorate and dance around a maypole, stay up all night, eat and celebrate," he said. "We been holding this here for more than 20 years."
Among other activities were a raffle to support club operations not covered by membership dues. Sundman's mother, Wivan, was featured playing accordion. A tag sale, grilled hot dogs, buffet table and horseshoes rounded out the fun.
Midsummer wreaths, worn by a few women, reflected the day's traditions. As Helen Werngren explained, "On Midsummer's Eve, you must pick seven different flowers, put them under your pillow and whoever you dream of is the one you're going to marry."
Attendees also helped themselves to ethnic fare such as smoked salmon, herring, Swedish meatballs, prince's sausages, strawberries, cinnamon rolls and skagen (a shrimp mix), washed down with aquavit. They also sang choruses of a drinking song, "Helan Gar."
And, at the center of things, was the handcrafted maypole around which were spun a few Midsummer's dreams. READ MORE:

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