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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Leagues 1st Annual 24 Hours of Baseball and Softball Charity Marathon at Old Dam on June 16th

“Hope Springs Eternal”, is the theme for the Fairfield American & National Baseball and Fairfield Girls’ Softball Little Leagues 1st Annual 24 Hours of Baseball and Softball Charity Marathon. The event will start on Saturday, June 16th, at 8 am and conclude on Sunday, June 17th at 8 am at Tom Haydon Softball field in Fairfield (OLD DAM ROAD).

Youth baseball and softball in the town of Fairfield, through this event, has a vision to create a joining of hands in our community and on the diamond to unite boys and girls, coaches and parents, sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors, privileged and challenged, old and young in an effort to create hope, and make dreams come true. If you would like to volunteer your time or if you would like to donate to the event please contact Joe Mancini at or 203.521.7646 . All proceeds from the event will go to help support local charities, chosen by a committee of players and coaches of the participating programs. Representative teams of coaches and players, will disburse the funds raised, to the chosen charities.

The event will be a series of 45 minute games run around the clock for 24 hours. The games will be coordinated by age group, and by program. Time slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis, with the toughest time slots allocated to the older kids. The focus will be on using one of America’s favorite pastimes for a good cause and in the spirit of fun and goodwill, and not on the games themselves. At the conclusion of the event, there will be the Town Championship Game.

We are asking for as much participation as we can get. The games themselves can accommodate up to 800 players. The participating leagues themselves have over 2000 participants in aggregate. We are asking players and coaches in the league to set a personal goal of raising a minimum of $50 each, as sponsorship for their participation in the games. There will be a prize for the team that raises the most money. For those who would like to participate, we will also be conducting a “Longest Throw, and a “Fastest Throw” contest concurrent with the games from Noon until 5PM on Saturday.

We look forward to a fun filled and action packed 24 hours of baseball and softball, with a heart. We ask that you help us to make this event a success, even though it will undoubtedly require some sacrifice, patience and inconvenience. So lets all join hands, through this 24 hour event, to create hope and make a difference.

“One Team, One Town, One Day – making a difference one inning at a time.”


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