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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love affair with horses

The Fairfield County Hunt Club, located at 174 Long Lots Road, will host the June Benefit Horse Show, Tuesday, June 19 through Saturday, June 23, to benefit the Equus Foundation.
The Hunt Club, which was originally organized in 1923, will celebrate its ninetieth successful year of equestrian events. According to the Clubs handbook, it all began when Averill Harriman commissioned Mrs. Laura Gardin Fraser, a famous sculptress, of North Avenue, to design and execute a polo medal. In order to study her subject, she borrowed polo mallets, mounted a horse and started knocking a polo ball around, on her estate, attracting local attention. Another artist, Oscar Howard, soon joined her and the games began. A year later, the idea of a Club was formed to foster the love of horse-oriented events and included horse shows, polo matches and fox hunting, which formally began in 1924. READ MORE:

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