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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spruced-Up Marinas Await Fairfield's Boaters

Another sign of spring comes to Fairfield’s shoreline this weekend. The two town-owned harbors, the South Benson Marina and Ye Yacht Yard, will reopen to boaters Sunday. The South Benson Marina will feature a few upgrades for customers when they arrive April 15. The Department of Public Works spent the mild winter building and installing new landings along the shoreline. Public works employee Rick Sastre said the old models were potentially unsafe and falling apart. “They were in bad shape,” Sastre said of the old docks. “It’s really a mystery how long they were there before.” The wooden decks are atop the ramps leading to the boat slips. They include solar-powered lighting for added safety at the marinas at night. “This is a long time coming. A lot of these were dilapidated,” Marine Officer Grant Dalling said of the renovations. “And what really brought this to fruition was the hurricane.” Dalling and the Fairfield Police Department’s Marine Unit will also be out starting this weekend to keep the harbor safe. Along with their work Sunday to help people get their boats back in the water, the crew will patrol the shore 24 hours a day throughout the summer. They will most likely be on patrol with their newest upgrade, a 33-foot police boat the department acquired last summer. The vessel includes the latest police technology, including multiangle sonar and infrared cameras. The Marine Unit most often uses the ship to find lost boaters or distressed vessels on Long Island Sound. But what if you don’t have a boat of your own or couldn’t get a spot in one of the marinas? You can still enjoy the Sound sailing experience. Community Sailing of Fairfield, a private group operated with the help of the Parks and Recreation Department, offers its two 18-foot daysailers and six kayaks to members. READ MORE:

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