UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Southport eatery at RR depot proposes expansion

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Southport eatery at RR depot proposes expansion

Patrons of Paci, an upscale restaurant in Southport Railroad Station's eastbound terminal, may soon have the option of outdoor dining.William Fitzpatrick, the lawyer for Robert Patchen, Paci's owner, recently told the town's Parking Authority that his client wants to expand the 96 Station St. restaurant and renovate the 140-year-old building in exchange for a long-term lease. The expansion would consist of an outdoor patio on the easterly side of the building and a small addition for storage, according to Patchen.
"It seems like everyone wants to eat outside," Patchen said, adding that the patio would be about 25-by-25 feet and have seating for 35 people. "The economy in this country is not in the greatest shape. We'd like to do anything to help us."
Fitzpatrick told the Parking Authority that Patchen, who's operated Paci at the train station for the past 16 years, would pay the cost of the expansion and renovation, estimated at $675,000, but wants a long-term lease in exchange for that investment. He said the expansion would be in an L-shape that would wrap around to the front of the railroad station building, and Patchen said the addition wouldn't extend past the train station's current roof line and would include room for coats and wine. Fitzpatrick said no parking spaces would be lost to the expansion. "It basically goes in the area where there's landscaping today," he said. READ MORE:

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