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Monday, April 9, 2012

Questions about bids still entangling new recycling pact

The current operator of the town's yard waste recycling center will continue on a month-to-month basis while officials put together a new bid to run the facilities. The Board of Selectmen last week approved the extension of Greencycle's contract, but the members made it clear they would like to see a new contract for the center's operation be issued as soon as possible. Greencycle, which had a contract that expired last December, is paid $169,500 annually to operate the center. In return, residents get free mulch from the center and the town gets free mulch and wood chips for the bio-filter at the sewage-treatment plant. Greencycle's contract had expired in December, but because of many questions about the "request for proposals" issued to potential bidders, the bid request was withdrawn. Public Works Director Richard White originally requested Greencycle's contract be extended until Dec. 31 of this year to allow the bid to be redone, and a change -- if a new operator is selected -- to occur next January. If a new operator is chosen, any materials at the One Rod Highway center will need to be removed and White worried about the potential for odor from that action if it takes place in the summer months. "We can do this in the summer," Assistant Public Works Director Ed Boman said. "It's not impossible; it's the town's position it's easiest in the winter." READ MORE:

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