UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Fairfield's TPZ approves new plans for One Sasco

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairfield's TPZ approves new plans for One Sasco

The Town Plan and Zoning Commission peppered architect Eric Michaels, of Ranney Michaels, with questions about plans for an office and retail building proposed for 2291 & 2307 Post Road when the TPZ met April 10.
The proposed building would have approximately 19,500 square feet on two floors, retail on the first and offices on the second. There will be 96 parking spaces, some on the surface, but most of them underground.
Two weeks later, they would approve the application with two conditions: one, they requested that the applicant submit a pedestrian circulation plan for the site, and two, they wanted the applicant to review the possibility of widening the access driveway behind the building.
Called One Sasco Hill Road because of its location at the corner of that street, it “replaces” another building rejected by commissioners just last June. This year they asked about entrances and exits, parking, truck-loading space, and the location of a transformer box. They asked traffic expert Michael Gallante about traffic. Last year’s plans had so aroused the ire of neighbors, they formed the Sasco Hill Neighborhood Association and hired attorney Joel Green. READ MORE:

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