UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Fairfield, neighbors join forces to protect Sasco watershed

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fairfield, neighbors join forces to protect Sasco watershed

Officials from Fairfield, Westport and Easton gathered Friday at Southport Beach to hail the signing of a regional conservation plan for the Sasco Brook watershed.
Created by the volunteer Sasco Brook Pollution Abatement Committee, the "Watershed Vision Management Plan for the Sasco Brook Watershed" outlines 10 objectives that focus on protecting and improving surface water quality by reducing runoff pollution in the 10-square-mile watershed -- encompassing parts of Fairfield, Westport and Easton.
"My vision is -- it's more like a prayer -- that maybe in the future we won't need a plan," said Westport Conservation Director Alicia Mozian. "It'll just become part of people's mindsets and behavior that they connect themselves to the environment and that they are naturally good stewards of the land."
The Watershed Vision was developed as part of the Sasco Brook Watershed-Based Plan, which was produced by the committee in 2011.
The Sasco Brook plan recommends initiatives to reduce runoff pollution, which occurs when water picks up contaminants as it runs off roads, parking lots, driveways, lawns and other surfaces. That runoff is occasionally carried by stormwater into the brook, its tributaries and eventually into Long Island Sound.
Poorly functioning septic systems that leak bacteria, fertilizer nutrients and bacteria from animal waste also produce runoff pollution. To better understand the impact of those sources, the Sasco Brook Pollution Abatement Committee hopes to launch later this year a federally funded study that would include DNA analysis of bacteria sources in the watershed. READ MORE:

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