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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fairfield Cheese Company Will School You On Fine Foods

If you love cheese and live in a Fairfield County apartment, you are in luck, because the Spring Cheese School at Fairfield Cheese Company is ready to teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about cheese. From what to properly pair cheese with to simply understanding and enjoying every single kind of cheese, there really is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can take in, and you’ll be ready to wine and dine your friends at your apartment with your posh foodie facts.
Some of the unique two-hour cheese classes, running about $45-50 each, this spring include:
  • Goat-a-polooza, May 1: Do you love goat cheese? This kind of cheese is different all its own, but provides an amazing taste, so come on down from your Fairfield County apartment and get to know the world of goat cheese for spring parties.
  • Cheese & Wine Round Robin with Harry’s Wine & Liquor, May 15: This class will function kind of like a book club, except you’ll be discussing wine and cheese. If you have a little bit of tasting experience under your belt, you may be ready to get down to business with your scorecard at this class.
  • Cooking with Cheese, May 22: This is probably the most accessible class for those new to tasting. This class will show you how to cook up small bites and dishes with ingredients that perfectly pair with gourmet cheeses. Take notes for your spring or summer get-togethers.
Once you’ve gotten some of the basics down, you can host your own wine and cheese tasting parties at your Merritt River apartment or simply serve good appetizers to friends at your private balcony or on the outdoor living area and resort-style courtyard. READ MORE:

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