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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brooks' 'Modern Americana' comes to Southport Galleries

Pop art tinged with a bit of surrealism or hard-edged realism imbued with a bit of impressionism? Or something else completely?Those are the questions art lovers will want to answer themselves on Thursday, April 5, with the opening of "Rob Brooks: Places Seen/Surreal Visions" at Southport Galleries. An evening reception, open to the public free of charge, will formally kick off the show, which will be on view through April 28.
Galley Director Katherine Cissel pointed out that Brooks' color-saturated paintings were the subject of a similar show that was extremely popular about two years ago at the Southport Galleries. On view are sunsets on Long Island Sound, dock-side boats -- and even a painting of the ubiquitous gas station ice machine that's called "Dappled Ice."
According to the artist's statement describing his work, Brooks, of Cape Cod, "follows in the tradition of the Northampton (Mass.) Realists, but with a unique style that is all his own."
Brooks writes that his work could be called "Modern Americana" as it focuses on urban scenes, seascapes, contemporary icons and what he calls "kitsch."
"Vivid color and deliberate brush strokes yield "realistic yet thought-provoking images of the modern world, with a hint of the surreal," he noted. READ MORE:

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