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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All-night baseball games charity marathon in the works for Fairfield

A 24-hour baseball marathon for charity was voted into existence by the Parks & Recreation Commission when it met in mid-March. Proposed by Bill Llewellyn and Joe Mancini, the charity fund-raiser will be held from 8 a.m. on Saturday June 16 to 8 a.m. on June 17 at Tom Hayden Field, on Old Dam Road, off South Pine Creek Road. Llewellyn said that he hoped 24-hour baseball would spread across the country, saying he wanted to “use the game of baseball for the good of the community.” He wanted the kids to learn “sacrifice” in earning money for charity by playing baseball. The two proposed charging $50 per player, and said that kids could “ask grandma and grandpa” for the money, “instead of putting a burden on young families.” The “sacrifice” would apparently be that children who have already signed up for Little League would play baseball for another half-an-hour that season, possibly in the middle of the night. Approximately, 1,500 kids would be able to play for 30 minutes each, and Vice-chairman of the commission, Dante Gallucci, said he thought the slots would go quickly. Board of Education member Jessica Gerber asked what charities would be supported and Llewellyn and Mancini said the charites would be chosen by the youngsters, with Little League teams sending one representative per team to a decision-making meeting. Aware of criticisms from neighbors that the Tom Hayden Field abuts a salt marsh that is home to many birds and animals who might be disturbed by the all-night lights, Llewellyn asked the commissioners, “At what point do we allow people who think the animals in the meadow get disrupted” to influence thinking. A letter from Patricia Sabena and Daniel Ahern to this paper worried about such disruption to newborn birds and animals in the open space, that abuts the field. Additionally they said that the all-night marathon with its lights and noise would be a disturbing to neighbors. READ MORE:

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