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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Southport National Bank on Main Street circa 1860's

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Southport National Bank
Southport, Connecticut

Description: Pomeroy & Wilson Stereopticon. Started as a branch of the 1832 Ct Nat'l Bank, this brick bank building was built 1833. Sthport Bank was independently chartered 1851 & could print its own money (see #279). Became a national bank 1865. Went into receivership 1903 when bank manager, Oliver T Sherwood (see 683 Peq Ave), absconded with funds, became Southport Trust, in 1923 became private residence. Building is subject of HABS (Hist. American Bldgs Survey) report CT 319. Unsubstantiated info says one of men on porch was Dr Justus Sherwood (1805-78, 16 Church St), his buggy hitched to fence. Note board fence in front of bank plus board cylinders around trees, protective measures against damage by horses and carts. Of special interest is stereopticon view on right. At the extreme left is shown part of a building with the end of a sign, "Store." This is only known image of a portion of a store which was made of an outbuilding on the Joseph Perry property at 207 Main St. At the death of widow Mrs Eunice (Pike) Perry, the building now 219 Main but then an outbuilding of house at 207 Main was used as a store. It was Wm Bulkley's meat market in 1860's, enlarged & renovated in 1870 and made into 2 stores, one believed to be Munson Elwood's shoe store, the other thought to be Eneas Reynold's Bake Shop/Store. Photo #314 shows the building just north of the bank. Photo #305 shows 219 Main when it became a tailor shop & residence. The small portion to the right of the main block of the house is a small store, a barber shop in the 1920's. The entire building was redone c 1946, #306. There was a store next to the bank in its earliest days referred to (as late as 1850's) in Jonathan Bulkley Journal as a "nuisance." It has not been possible to determine disposition of that "nuisance" building, which could have been joined to the Perry outbuilding to become the small store seen in this stereopticon image.
Creator: V. Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: 1860's?
Format: Photograph

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