UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Rail repairs may cause delays starting March 19

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rail repairs may cause delays starting March 19

Work will resume March 19 on two tracks between Southport and Bridgeport and could result in train delays and service disruptions, according to the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Over the winter, the catenary and bridge replacement project continued in this section with only one track out of service. (The catenary is the cable that runs above the track, from which the trolley wire is suspended.)
To accomplishment the next phase, which includes catenary wire replacement, bridge construction and installation of interlocking wire, the MTA also has to take a second track out of service to allow the Connecticut Department of Transportation's contractor to continue work on the project.
This phase is expected to continue through the end of November .
The bridges span both tracks, and the contractor needs an adjacent track for work equipment, the MTA said. This leaves only two of four tracks in service in this seven-mile area, impacting operating flexibility and the ability to combat potential service disruptions during emergencies.
And although the MTA stated it would "work diligently to ensure we provide you with the best commute possible during this period, some of you may experience occasional train delays and service disruptions."

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