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Monday, March 5, 2012

Display of quilts as art dazzles in Southport

In mid-19th century, American women might have labored by candlelight to sew together pieces of fabric to create a quilt for warmth.
Today, quilts remain functional but can also be works of art created by hand or machine.
Functional and artistic, hand-made and machine-made, old and new quilts were showcased at the 10th annual "A Quilt Exhibit: Fabrics & Fabrications," which opened Friday at the historic Southport Congregational Church and ran through Saturday.
None of the more than 1,000 quilts included in the decade of shows has been repeated, a tribute to the inventiveness and ability of quilters going back hundreds of years, organizers said.
"I have 140 quilts never shown before. My oldest quilts are signed and dated 1852. I have two quilts that came from the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota," said Cecily Zerega, the event's staging chairman, who founded the quilt exhibit with Judy Reynolds.
Representing contemporary times was Pam Poling, a staff member of the church, who demonstrated the use of frame quilting using perle cotton 8-gauge thread. "This is a huge trend now so I wanted to give it a shot. I wouldn't say it's easier, but it's faster. You're making bigger stitches so you're covering more area," said Poling, who will give a demonstration Saturday. READ MORE:

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