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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delays in Mill River clean-up

By Meg Learson Grosso
Twitter: @MLearsonGrosso
There’s a few months more delay for clean-up of the Mill River which flows next to the 6-acre Exide property at 2190 Post Road. While the upland 6-acres surrounding Martel’s Restaurant was cleaned of its pollution shortly after the old battery factory was torn down in 2005, the clean-up of the Mill River, on the west side of the property, is being deliberately approached by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). A somewhat separate issue, the clean-up of the edges of the 6-acre property is also waiting for plans and approvals.
Regarding the river, the DEEP has requested more data and information from Exide, according to Thomas Steinke, Fairfield’s Director of Conservation, who gave an update to the Conservation Commission when they met last Thursday.
Exide has 30 days to respond to that request and then the state agency will probably take another 30 days to review the information it has been given, he said. If the DEEP is satisfied with the information it receives and if a detailed construction plan from Exide’s contractor is given to the DEEP, the agency will hold hearings in Fairfield, so that residents and others can have a chance to give input on the final Remedial Action Plan. These further reviews could put the hearings into June or July, Steinke said.
At the same time, work is on-going on another issue, getting permits to clean up underground pipes that extend from the edge of the site into the Post Road on the south side of the property and into the river on the West side.
While Exide knew that there were pipes that went off the property, they have discovered more than they thought were there, Steinke said.
Some of those pipes went into Fairfield’s sanitary sewers and others carried waste into the river, Steinke said.

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