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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Artisan in Fairfield's Southport: Beautiful place with appealing dishes

When we heard that the new restaurant in Fairfield's Southport section was related to the beautiful restaurant L'Escale, on the water in the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich, we expected nothing less than spectacular harbor views here, too.
Alas, no water in sight, but the setting of the new Artisan is as breathtaking as dining on the water's edge.
Open the simple, understated door from the hotel lobby and be prepared to be dazzled. On the left is the formal dining room, with crisply napped tables and perfect lighting against an expansive backdrop of a mural of huge, soft pastel blossoms.
No space for us here, however, so we were led to the right for dinner in the tavern -- which turned out to be a delightful decision. Not only is the tavern menu appealing, the room itself is among the most welcoming venues in the area.
A long bar, which separates the tavern from the dining room, is gracefully backlit to make the glasses simply sparkle, and the more dimly-lit tables benefit from the shimmer on the bar.
In one corner is a simple gas fireplace, where people were seated on low sofas eating as almost from cocktail tables. Natural light floods the windows and also highlights the dramatic outdoor bar, with upholstered seating and heat lamps for dining even into cold weather.
So, the place is spectacular. Does the food match? For the most part, it surely does. READ MORE:

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