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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book, music lovers chill out at Pequot winter sale

Bundled up against the closer-to-normal winter temperatures that suddenly swept across the state this weekend, Fairfield County residents set out for typical seasonal activities: playing hockey on ice-covered ponds, figure skating, heading north to ski, and making a beeline to the Pequot Library for the annual, four-day Mid-Winter Book Sale.
It may not be a recognized winter sport, but the "athletes" who participate have to be in pretty good shape to hoist the shopping bags and cardboard boxes heavy with books, CDs, LP vinyl record albums, DVDs, and prints they purchase at the event -- a smaller counterpart to the library's fabled summertime sale.
The doors at the landmark Southport library opened at 9 a.m. Saturday and an hour later most of the DVDs were gone. Thousands of books, albums and art work remained and will be on sale through Tuesday at noon. Organizers said they had more books than display space in the library auditorium this year so as patrons pack their bags and boxes with merchandise, volunteers will replace it with the rest of the inventory of donated items.
Cindy Weissman of Fairfield said she and her husband don't miss the Pequot Library's summer or winter book sales. "We have found some first editions in pristine condition. We always find something interesting. We usually come with a list but go home with something unexpected and special," she said. READ MORE:

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