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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Westport Outfitters Local Report of the 2011 Fishing Season

By Eric Johnson
Well folks, this will be the last formal report of the 2011 Fishing Season. We will be sending out a few communications during the winter months, but the best way to stay abreast of everything we are doing here at the shop and equally important what is going on in the fishing world in general, will be to sign up for our Facebook page. Simply search “Westport Outfitters” and become a fan. That being said, today is also December 1st , which officially kicks off our annual sale which will last through the holidays. Everything in the store will be up to 25% off with the exception of new inventory. So come on down and get that shopping list for the special fisherman or women in you life filled up!!

Although some including myself will keep the boat in a few more weeks, if you look around to the marinas, boat & yacht clubs they are close to barren with a few strays left, no doubt most likely the ones that forgot to fill out the appropriate paperwork to inform their service facility that they wanted to get hauled. But enough about the boats, let’s talk about the fish. It always amazes me how there is so much discrepancy amongst fisherman as they assess the past season. This is not only about this season, but every season. Of course some of this stems from the fact that all anglers have varying degrees of skill, but that can only account for some of the debate…
The spring started off late as usual, but once things heated up and the sand eels made their annual invasion, both those anglers from shore as well as from the boats had some tremendous fishing. Fly rods lined the beaches of Compo and Penfield and everywhere in between. Ironically one of the best weeks was when I was in Montana chasing trout. I vow not to touch technology while I am out there each year and this year was no different, which is why when I got back it was rather ironic that I received an anonymous email saying that it was our fault there was so many people at the local beaches. The crowds came for the fishing was almost easy, with all the bait around, not because of one report or another. Once the sand eels pushed through, they were backfilled by silver sides and some small schools of bunker, although the bunker were not here for long, which is a discussion we will have later into the report.
The blues also showed up in full force, with some good sized fish being taken as early as late May and early June. Like last year, I saw the contents of very few fish, but the ones I did see were loaded with all sorts of crabs as well. Once the baits moved a bit offshore, the fishing slowed a bit in mid July from shore as it always does. But just out past the reach of a decent cast from shore, things remained hot well through July and even into August. In fact, our own Captain Blake, managed to catch a bass (if not multiple) on every trip through July and August. READ MORE:

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