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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Neighborhood Watch organized to address Southport crime concerns

Three home invasions in three months this year in Fairfield. An upsurge in burglaries in the Southport area. A rash of package thefts over the past two weeks. A supportive-housing facility for men with behavioral issues.

These were major points of discussion Tuesday night at the inaugural meeting of a Southport-based Neighborhood Watch group, which took place at Trinity Episcopal Church.
"Do not hesitate to use the 9-1-1 system," Deputy Police Chief Chris Lyddy told the gathering. "No matter what it is, we will always respond to your concerns. Not every community can say that."
After outlining a typical day for the Police Department, Police Chief Gary MacNamara opened the floor to questions from the audience.
Richard Raskin asked MacNamara if the department is adequately equipped to protect Fairfield residents. While MacNamara said ideally he would like more resources -- there are eight officers on patrol at a time townwide -- but added: "Are we adequately capable of fulfilling our mission of making Fairfield safe? Yes we are."
Regarding the three recent home invasions, the chief said they were "targeted" incidents that were all solved by authorities.
"I don't think Fairfield is the home invasion capital of the state," he said. "I don't think we should expect a continued rise in home invasions."
Raskin also asked MacNamara's advice regarding whether residents should purchase guns for protection. The chief said that's a personal choice.
A number of Southport residents were burglary victims from about the end of the last year until early March. Following an arrest, things in the neighborhood were fairly quiet until burglaries started picking up again in August, according to Lt. Michael Gagner. There were eight burglaries between August and the end of November. READ MORE:

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