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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fairfielder Charged With Firing Gun in Open Space

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – A Fairfield man was charged with firing a pellet gun in the Sasco Creek Open Space Wednesday afternoon. (The Fairfield man) was issued an infraction for violating a town ordinance on carrying weapons in open spaces after neighbors called to complain.
A neighbor along Hulls Highway called police at about 3:40 p.m. Wednesday to report a man walking into the open space carrying a rifle. When officers arrived, they heard a loud noise similar to a gunshot. They followed the sound and found the (Fairfield man) carrying a rifle-style pellet gun. He told officers he was “walking around, shooting stuff,” according to the police report.
(The Fairfield man) also told police there might be marijuana in his car, but a search by K-9 units did not reveal any drugs. Officers did find a shotgun and box of shells in the trunk, but the weapon was legally registered. (He) received a mail-in infraction for violating the town’s ordinance against firing weapons in open spaces, and was released.
Also from the police blotter:
(A Middletown man) was charged with credit card theft and illegal use of a credit card. Police said he charged $5,800 in merchandise to the account of a Southport company. READ MORE:

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