UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: Harbor Road waterfront circa 1895

Friday, March 20, 2020

Harbor Road waterfront circa 1895

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Waterfront, Harbor Road, West  - Southport, Connecticut
Description: Photographer: Clinton Hall? Written on reverse: "c 1895. Meeker warehouses. Andrew Bulkley house. Richard Perry bef. remodeling." See notes with Photo #58. Buildings in picture, from right to left: 3 Meeker onion warehouses; behind them the tower of the Andrew/Theodora Bulkley house; partially obscured by trees, the Jonathan Bulkley house, #892 Harbor Rd (i.e. "Richard Perry bef. remodeling"); Andrew Bulkley/Benj Pomeroy house, approx the site of #883 Harbor Rd; the Henry Perry house and barn (#911 Harbor Rd).
Creator: V. Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: circa 1895
Format: photograph

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