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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Racing Sandbaggers in Southport Harbor

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 Southport, Connecticut
Description: Stereopticon View #33, Pomeroy & Wilson, 275 Main, Bdgpt. Printed on back is a list of stereopticon views; underlined is #33, "Yachts." See comments with #187 in regard to dating Southport stereopticons. This photo may have been taken down by Lower Wharf. The picture appears in the booklet _Pequot Yacht Club 1921-1980_, with the caption "Sandbaggers leaving the harbor." "By the turn of the century, match racing between sailors from Southport & nearby towns brought spectators down to the end of the harbor road to watch the competitors in sandbaggers and catboats." From _Watercraft_, Mystic Seaport Museum: "Racing sandbaggers was a popular sport before 1885.... one could crowd on as much sail as... his craft could carry. With so great a spread of canvas, just to keep from capsizing was a challenge.... The idea was for the large crew to position themnselves along with several 50-lb sandbags far enough windward to balance the press of wind on the sails.... Most of the racing & building took place near New York City where the sport originated."
Creator: V Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Format: Photograph

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