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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Howard Burr's BUTTERCUP during WWII

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Howard Burr's  BUTTERCUP

"Howard Burr's boat BUTTERCUP.
Sailing club during WWII, gas rationing."
Photographer and date unknown.
Photo property and courtesy of Howard Burr Collection/Joe Rainis
"During World War 2 in the forties there was a curfew on any boats leaving Southport Harbor after sundown. Many will remember that all boats had their registration numbers painted in 10" type on either side of their bows.

Howard Burr took all of this in stride including the paranoia that there were certainly German U-boats lurking in the waters after dark.
He assembled a ragtag group of buddies who were boatyard wantabes that hung out at YYY after work in the evenings. They assembled a Fleet of equally diverse sailboats some on moorings and others drysailed on trailers to race after work in the evenings, probably on Thursdays nights. BUTTERCUP was Howard's boat and it was extremely fast. I don't know the origin of it but it may have been built by Ed Spear, a buddy of his who owned a boat buliding yard in Black Rock (he built Barbara's sailboat).
They raced off of the Riegel's boathouse (AKA Kensie's Point) with a course that finished at the breakwater. Many nights when the wind died the boats never made it to the harbor until well after dark. I recall many heated discussions after hours over the handicapping system they used. Howard's BUTTERCUP was always in the standings as he was an excellent sailor."
-Ted Jennings

 In memory of Ted Jennings, and his memories of Howard Burr and YYY.

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