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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jennings' Upper Coal Yards

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Jennings' Upper Coal Yards at Rose Hill
A few observations regarding this winter photo of Jennings' Upper Coal Yards, photo could have been taken circa winter 1906. The schooner identified by Charlotte Lacey in her Historical Story of Southport (page 45) as the "Mary Elizabeth" is not in the harbor during this photo. She was made into a schooner in 1884 (had been a sloop). She was taken out of market boat service about 1903 but remained at her berth at the breakwater. The ship was sold in April 1905 and taken to Long Island. Note sucker dredgers in the harbor, 2 boats pulled up on shore on the left. Also in the far distance to the left is the harbor entrance beacon. "Liberty" signs on shed. These sheds were at the base of Rose Hill Road and Harbor Road.
Photo: Special thanks to Arthur Jennings for sharing this rare view.

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