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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Meeker Docks circa 1880's

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The Meeker Docks circa 1880's
The old Meeker Docks on Harbor Road. The Wakeman Meeker warehouses and docks were located on Harbor Road at the foot of Westway Road.
"This was a photo that had been in storage in a cardboard box for a long time. You can see where moisture has caused spotting. The first two buildings were torn down. I'm not sure when. The third section with the stone foundation is still part of the old onion house that we see today. The Meeker wharf area was a popular place for the public to gather on festive occasions. It was used as a "public" space. This old photo really shows the importance of the Meeker Wharf to the community back then". -Arthur Jennings
From: Arthur Jennings collection.

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