UA-8412995-1 The Southport Globe: House of George Reinecke in 1906

Thursday, February 8, 2018

House of George Reinecke in 1906

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House of George Reinecke
Southport, Connecticut
Description: B/w post card. Printed on front: "Southport 1906. House of George Reinecke." Handwritten on back of card: "According to grandson Lloyd Marsh--owned by Charles Taintor, rented by Harry Marsh. Torn down because Marsh was such a trouble maker in town meetings. On rise near Post Road--now excavated." This house was built 1896-7 and was situated on the outcrop opposite the bridge over the railroad tracks (leading to Mill Hill Rd and Bronson Rd). The hill was excavated and the corner cut down when the Post Road area was redone to accommodate the building of the bridge on the Post Road over the railroad tracks (1931). It has been further excavated through the years. The house has been razed.
Creator: V. Louise Higgins
Publisher: Pequot Library Association
Date: 1906
Format: Photograph

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